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About Us

Amazon Thunder  leads the market with the world's purest, organic, kosher and fair trade certified Amazon fruit products. The business was created and launched in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Todd Reum  Our Mission Statement: To produce and market the highest quality organic and kosher, no additives, no flow agents, no preservative Amazonian products to those who are actively seeking to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Our Products:

Amazon Thunder  produces and sells quality Amazonian fruit products to domestic and international markets on both a wholesale and retail level. All of our Amazonian fruit products are sustainably harvested, are of top quality, and have gone through strict quality regulation and control procedures. We are committed to providing the athletically inclined, the gourmet chef, the average Joe, the health conscious, and those in need of health solutions with pure organic harvested Amazonian fruit products.

Quality Control, Kosher Certification, and QAI Organic Certification:

We at Amazon Thunder believe that our health is the most important thing thus we have. That's why we continue to do extensive research in order to provide the very best Amazon fruits possible, including the highly touted açaí fruit. As the list of health benefits for the açaí berry and other demanded Amazon Fruit products continues to grow, we are committed to ensuring that the latest information on these fruits is relayed to you.

Giving Back to the Amazon & Others:

Three precent of our bulk raw material buys go back into the Amazon region through the Amazon SOS fund. This fund provides clothing, food, education, medical, dental, and employment to the Amazon indigenous people. All of our raw materials are fair trade certified. Amazon Thunder also gives away a large amount of product to children and families dealing with the terminal illnesses that reserach has shown the açaí berrycan combat.

Quality Control, Research, and Development:

Quality control is key with any product related to health, especially with açaí and all other Amazon Fruits that originate in the Amazon River regions; in fact, it's of the utmost importance. Not all açaí or other Amazon fruits are equal in quality. Much of the fruits imported from Brazil would not pass general health codes today due to the sensitivity of the fruits and the long transport time from the Amazon. Because of the sensitive qualities of these Amazonian fruits, our team of chemists, microbiologists, and nutritional experts developed our formulas to exacting standards to ensure you get the full pureness and benefits from the fruits. This guarantees you get all of their powerful properties that only the purest and finest ingredients can provide. All of our fruits are free of all impurities in order to unleash the most powerful wellness fruits known to man are of the highest qualities possible. We take no chances with our products and have ensured all are USDA certified organic by participating in the certification process provided by QAI and by following all FDA regulations to a level beyond any other importer. This process starts with the the initial raw material production in our state of the art facilities in Manaus, Brazil, where all of our Amazon Fruit products are first tested for micros and are flash pasteurized. They are then bulk packaged to ensure the full integrity of our products before being transported to our US facilities for packaging into our finished products. They are tested again in our state of the art labs for micros and then again on our finished product line so you can be assured you're eating only clean, safe, Amazon fruit products that have not been compromised in any way while still containing the highest nutritional properties possible.

QAI Organic Certification:

QAI (Quality Assurance International) is an independent, third party certification of organic food systems. Their job is to verify that the organic integrity of the product is maintained, and the QAI Certification Program is designed to certify every step from the land on which the product is grown to the post-harvest facilities preparing the product to the processing and handling facilities transforming the product. Check out our QAI Organic Certification.

Kosher Certification:Our Values:

To satisfy our customers, who mean the world to us. We realize every one of us is unique in our own way. Quality: That is unparalleled by any other and that we stand behind with honor.


Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


Competition that drives us to the cutting edge.


Committed in heart, mind, and soul.


The belief with passion to move forward and set the precedent, raising the bar to a higher level. Commitment: 110%.


Putting others above ourselves.

The Owners:

"We are family-owned and operated with no outside business partners and meet all demands of production without ever sacrificing quality. Our entire focus is on quality of product, customer service, and the preservation of the Amazonian people and the Amazon River regions."

Todd Reum CEO Amazon Thunder Inc