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Your Top Power Foods to Lower Blood Sugar

Foods to lower blood sugar can help make your diabetes coping or management plans more effective. When introduced in a balanced diet and combined with exercise, these can cut a person’s risk. Here are some delicious foods that will keep your sugar levels out of harm’s way.

Foods To Lower Blood Sugar: What Should Be On Your Plate?

Peanuts and peanut butter. These two are found effective in staving your blood sugar spikes. However, these must be eaten moderately and in small portions only.

Oatmeal. For breakfast foods to lower blood sugar, the oatmeal is on top of the list because of its soluble fiber that balances blood sugar and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Arugula and mustard dressing. Sophisticated yet healthy dining with lamb, arugula and lima beans is what you get. 

Spinach. Spinach as one of the foods to lower blood sugar is high in magnesium that helps regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar.

Lima beans. Rich in soluble fiber, it can help slow the digestion process so sugar is prevented from quickly rising after a meal.

Granola. If you want to bring a healthy snack on the go, granola with dried cherries, apricots, nuts or raisins can keep you satisfied while your blood sugar remains balanced.

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Grapefruit. These are rich in Vitamin C and an antioxidant naringerin, which lessens your risks of suffering from insulin resistance. 

Foods should be considered carefully before introducing or eliminating in a diet. You may want to reduce portions of your usual favorites so you can shave off the number of calories you get in a day. If you plan to use these foods as healthier alternatives to your usual staples, consider consulting your doctor first especially when you are taking medications. Your doctor can help identify the best foods to lower blood sugar that will not be a problem with the effect of the medications and therapies you are undergoing. 

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