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Your Guide To Shoulder Bursitis

Should you be alarmed by shoulder bursitis? Pain in the shoulder joints may not just be the type that will go away. It can already be a worsening problem caused by an injury. This can lead to an inflammation that will thicken your tendons and bursa. They will require more space as they keep on thickening. The more they thicken and space they consume, the more intense the inflammation.

Do You Think You Have Shoulder Bursitis?

Pain is the most common symptom of this condition. Before you panic, you should know if there really is a cause for alarm. Here are some guide questions to help you determine if you have this problem.

1. Do you feel pain when you perform overhead activities such as extending your arm above your head height?
2. Can you feel the pain over the outside part of your shoulder? Does your upper arm and surrounding areas also feel painful?
3. Do you experience any pain when you sleep at night? Is there a pinching like pain every time you move your elbow?
4. Is the affected area swollen? Is it tender to the touch?

Ways To Deal With Shoulder Bursitis

1. Shoulder exercise. Simple physical exercises can already help lessen the pain so you can go back to your normal routine. Exercise can strengthen your rotator cuff and also aid in efficient shoulder movement. However, do not try overhead weight lifting or throwing activities. You should also avoid sleeping with your arm behind or over your head. .

2. Diet and supplements. You may also want to start taking an acai berry supplement. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

3. Ice applications. A simple yet effective home remedy, this can relieve the pain, stimulate blood flow and reduce the inflammation. 

If your answers to this post are all or mostly yes, chances are high that you are experiencing this condition. However, keep in mind that a consultation with a doctor is still needed. Undertaking physical exams are still necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis so you can find the best medication or treatment for shoulder bursitis.

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