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Worst Foods To Eat If You are Trying To Lower Your Cholesterol

Worst Foods To Eat If You’re Trying To Lower Your Cholesterol

If you’re aiming to decrease your overall cholesterol levels, it’s vital that you take into account the foods that you’re eating on a day to day basis that could influence the results that you see.

Many people are taking in far too many foods that will reverse the positive benefits they’re reaping from other cholesterol-lowering foods they choose to consume, therefore negating the benefits their nutrition plan offers.

Let’s take a quick look at the worst foods that you could eat if lowering your cholesterol levels is a top priority.

White Bread

The very first food that you’ll want to avoid if you’re aiming to improve your cholesterol profile is white bread. While you may think white bread is an okay choice since it’s low in fat, think again.

The problem with this food is that it’s high in refined sugars, which will get converted into blood glucose levels very rapidly in the body.

This in turn causes them to convert into triglycerides and then get stored in the body as excess fat.  This whole sequence of events will dramatically increase your cholesterol levels.


Next up we have cake. Cake is a poor choice because not only is it also high in sugars, but it’s also rich in fats as well, often of the saturated variety.

This combination is going to be very strong for prompting fat gain, which is clearly what you don’t want.  Cake – along with most desserts – should be avoided.

Snack Bars

Snack bars are another problematic food that you need to be careful of. Here the big issue is very little protein, a high dose of sugar, and then to add to that, some partially hydrogenated vegetable oil to the mix.

This ingredient is added to increase the shelf life of the snack bars, but it takes a serious toll on your cholesterol levels.

Avoid these and opt for a piece of fruit and some natural nut butter instead as a snack to get you through the day.


Donuts are the next food that are a definite must-avoid if you’re worried about heart health. The big issue with donuts is that they’re deep fried, which means they’re very high in trans fats, which do need to be avoided at all costs.

Donuts will quickly pack on the pounds as they are very high in calories as well, so a real lose-lose as far as you’re concerned.

Frozen Dinners

Finally, toss the frozen dinners. While you may think these are a good food option, you need to think again.

The big issue with frozen dinners is the fact that they too can contain trans fats, which are incredibly damaging to your heart-health.

If you need a dinner in a hurry, prepare a big batch of foods that you’re making and then freeze them in individual serving size containers. Then pull them out as needed.

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