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Wonder Fruit: How Acai Berry Works for Weight Loss

There are claims that acai berry helps fight cancer, helps in losing weight, aids to slow down the aging process, makes the skin glow and your hair shinier.

Acai berry is becoming popular as a wonder fruit. There are claims that the fruit helps fight cancer, helps in losing weight, aids to slow down the aging process, makes the skin glowing, and makes the hair shinier. But, will it really help you in your quest for weight loss?

What is Acai Berry?

The fruit that grows from the acai palm tree is the acai berry. It is purple in color and with the awesome taste of berries combined with chocolate. This wonder fruit usually grows in Central America and South America, particularly in the Amazon.

What are the Benefits of Acai Berry?

Similar to other types of berries, consuming acai berry has a number of benefits. Eating a 4-ounce serving of this wonder fruit can give you 100 calories, vitamin A, calcium, and fiber. Also, the dark purple color of acai berry is because of its high anthocyanin content.

Anthocyanin is a type of antioxidant that helps fight free radicals that the body may come in contact with. With this, the risks of diseases such as heart attack and cancer can possibly be lowered. Acai berry also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How Do Acai Berries Help in Losing Weight?

So we know that acai berry has many benefits. But can it really aid you in losing weight? This wonder fruit is high in fiber and essential fatty acids. Fiber aids in digestion and helps flush out toxins in the body. Also, foods that are high in fiber are known to help you feel fuller with less the sugar and calories. 

Essential fatty acids help our body become healthier. When the body is healthy, it functions well, and bodily processes become more efficient. This includes digestion and nutrient absorption.

Furthermore, similar to avocados, acai berry contains monounsaturated fats or MUFAS. This type of fats is known to help in keeping you satisfied. This can help prevent you from binge eating or craving from fattening foods. Antioxidants are also known to aid the metabolic process of the body. 

Though there are no conclusive studies yet about the direct weight loss effects of acai berry, many people consider it as a weight loss food because of its many benefits.

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