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Winter Health Tips

Winter is coming, and for some people, that means their winter cold is on its way. The winter brings with it a number of health issues, including more illnesses. Here are a few winter health tips that can keep you going strong all winter long!

Wash your Hands

The cold and flu, two diseases that seem to thrive in the winter, spread by touch. Washing your hands frequently will help keep you as healthy as possible. Also follow basic health safety such as not drinking after others, not sharing silverware or other utensils, and being aware of when people are sick.

Keep Warm

Don’t let yourself become too cold during the winter. It’s important that you keep warm so your body doesn’t have to try to raise your temperature while at the same time fighting off viruses and other issues. It’s also important that you keep a heavy blanket or an extra coat or two in your car just in case you get stuck in the snow and have to wait for rescue. Hypothermia can set in fairly quickly, so it’s always a good idea to have some way of keeping warm. Putting a few bottles of water and some non-perishable snacks in the car is also a very good idea.

Watch for SAD

SAD, or Seasonal Affection Disorder, affects a lot of people. In fact, many people don’t realize that they have SAD. They just feel depressed during the winter months. This is because they’re not getting enough sunlight. If you feel depressed during the winter, you may want to see a doctor and ask if you may have SAD. If so, you can begin treatment sooner rather than later.

Be Sure to Get your Vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables go up in price during the winter because they’re out of season locally. They have to be shipped in, and that can raise the price. Be sure you’re still getting enough vitamins and minerals during the winter by either carefully watching your meals or by taking a supplement.

Tread Carefully

Ice is incredibly dangerous if you slip and fall on it. You could simply end up with a few bruises, but if you fall just right, you can break bones. Make sure you’re very careful when walking on any icy surface during the winter. The same goes with driving—go slowly, and have your car checked out before bad weather blows in.

Be Sure to Exercise

Sometimes, people don’t get to the gym as much during the winter as they would like. With the days getting shorter, it seems like it’s dark much too early, and few people want to get out once the sun goes down. That can lead to avoiding the gym, which in turn can lead to getting out of shape. Try to always make time to hit the gym if at all possible. You can always gear up and go running outside, but that’s not always possible with the snow, the ice, and the cold.

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