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Why You Should Consume Organic Graviola Only

When it comes to graviola, it’s always highly advisable to consume it in its organic or pure form. Whether it is organic graviola or anything “organic” in food labels, products that are naturally-processed are best for one’s health. Here’s why.

Meaning of Organic

In agricultural products like graviola, organic is a way of growing and processing them. Each country has its regulations, but in the US, organic means farmers do not use synthetic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, bioengineered genes, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers.

Organic means that farmers only use natural fertilizers and control weeds naturally. If there are pests, they use natural ways and pesticides derived naturally.

What Do You Gain From Organic Food

Organic food has a significant effect on your emotional and mental health. It also affects the environment. For graviola grown through organic means, it means that you gain more antioxidants and nutrients. If you have allergies to chemicals and preservatives, you will experience fewer or no symptoms when it comes to organically grown food.

Graviola grown through organic means has no or few pesticides. It has no chemical used in traditional farming. As such, you will not find any chemical residue in it. It also has no preservatives.

Organic farming reduces pollution, reduces soil erosion, conserves water, uses less energy, and increases soil fertility. As it uses no pesticides, nearby people, animals, and birds benefit from a cleaner environment, too. More often than not, graviola from organic farms are small in size. Moreover, you have an assurance that your graviola is not genetically modified.

Is Organic Food Pesticide-Free?

Organic farming uses low levels of pesticides. However, it does not mean that farmers do not use pesticides at all. They do, but they only use pesticides derived from nature.

Natural pesticides are less toxic than their synthetic counterparts, although they also pose some health risks. However, you limit your exposure to traditional pesticides if you eat graviola from organic farms.

What Are the Harmful Effects of Pesticides?

Through years of exposure, one can have a build-up of harmful chemicals in the body. This situation can cause congenital disabilities, weakened immune system, headaches, and added stress. Research further showed that pesticides could increase the risk of leukemia, brain tumors, lymphoma, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

If you are pregnant, your fetus can have developmental delays, autism, motor dysfunction, behavioral disorders, or immune system problems. These findings also hold true for children because their bodies are still undergoing development and growth. Harmful pesticides can also pass from the mother to the fetus through breast milk.

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