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Why You Should Consult the Doctor and not Your Mother

Discover why medical checkups are important and why you shouldn't neglect the benefits of disease prevention and early symptom detection.

Annual medical checkups are ideally should be part of our routine. But the demands of work and time constraints for lots of things we want and need to do keep us away from pushing it to happen. For some, they find that getting regular medical checkups is expensive, without realizing that it is logically more expensive to find a cure than preventing the disease early on.

Prevention Is Still, and Will Always be, Better Than Cure

Early detection puts you in the best position to get and tolerate the appropriate treatment and cure for your disease. If you are well enough, you can continue living a normal life - working or studying - while undergoing treatments. Aside from that, you are also physically well enough to tolerate the effects of treatments, and also gives you higher chances of overcoming the disease.

Routine medical checkups also make you and your doctor partners when it comes to health. It is also beneficial for doctors to see you on a regular basis to monitor your lifestyle and risk factors. This helps him make better assessments, and measure your health level more accurately. This way, he can direct you to the right screenings to undergo, avoiding baseless diagnosis and inappropriate treatments.

Economic considerations somewhat withhold people from getting regular medical checkups. But the benefits and advantages of getting it while at the brink of your health weigh more than prioritizing it over other things that you spend for.

What Medical Screenings Should I Prioritize Getting?

Priority medical screenings to take on a regular basis depends on a number of factors, which includes age, sex, risk factors and medical condition. But ideally, here's what you will undergo:

  1. Blood and urine tests
  2. Vision tests
  3. Blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels
  4. Risk factor assessment by tracing family histories of illnesses and cause of death. It will also include your lifestyle like if you drink, smoke, have sex and their corresponding frequencies.
  5. Evaluation of mental health condition

Women and men may also have different sets of screenings to undergo and prioritize.

For women:

  1. Pap smear every one to three years, depending on age
  2. Self and clinical examination for breast lumps
  3. Mammogram once a year or every two years starting at the age of 40
  4. Screenings for bone density to assess for osteoporosis

Additionally for men:

  1. Prostate screenings like rectal exam
  2. Abdominal exam

Why regular medical checkups and self-examinations important are because these help you keep your illness as a setback for your life. While aging and body deterioration are inevitable parts of life, there is something you can do to achieve the quality of life you deserve.

When having medical checkups, you can also consult with your doctor his diet recommendation, which may include health supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop, to ensure that you reap the full benefits of prevention that is way better than the cure.

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