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Why Supplements?


There is a lot of talk in the medical and nutritional world about supplements and how helpful they can be. Advertisings on websites, television, and the radio tout themselves with having “amazing results,” or “guaranteed to work or your money back,” or the “this is exactly what you need to get (fill in the blank) going.” Many manufacturers make claims about results, but very few actually tell you why you may need the supplement or exactly how it helps. So, instead of you being left out in the dark we will explain why supplements are important, and how they can actually help the body.

Most nutritionist will tell you that very few people are getting the total amount of vitamins and proteins they need in their regular diets. People suffer from lack of nutrition in their diets for several reasons. One may be they are just eating the wrong foods, one may be they are not enough food, and another may be that they just cannot get all of the nutrients they need no matter how hard they try. These are all great reasons to take supplements.

The whole purpose of taking a supplement is to supplement the nutrients you are not getting with powders, pills, or liquids. The reason it is necessary to supplement those nutrients is because they help the body do so many things from metabolize proteins to eliminating the different free radicals in your system. The human body needs an array of vitamins and minerals to function at its highest level. When you are not getting these nutrients your body begins to break down, can begin to malfunction, or disease of different kinds can take hold of your body.

It is because of these reasons people find out what their current nutritional levels are so they can change their diet and lifestyle but also add to the total nutritional values they are already getting. It is about filling in those gaps and building onto healthy living aspects you already have in your life. There are also additional benefits from taking supplements like building muscle which is derived from protein, or weight loss which can come from increasing vitamin D or taking a supplement that levels out your thyroid. There are so many health benefits to taking supplements, some you may not even realized you needed.

The next time you see an advertisement, you will know not to just be excited about the results, but you will know what you need and why they work.