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Why Sugar Is Bad News For Maintaining Lean Body Composition

Why Sugar Is Bad News For Maintaining A Lean Body Composition

If you are someone who is looking to get leaner, one thing that you absolutely must be focusing on is cutting out the sugar from your diet plan.

Most people know or have heard before that sugar is very detrimental to their success, but they don’t fully realize the extent in which this particular ingredient is so harmful.

So, what’s so bad about sugar? Why will it have such disastrous impacts on your figure?

Let’s have a look.

Sugar And Nutrition

The first big issue with sugar is the fact that it’s virtually devoid of all good nutrition. When you consume sugar, you’re essentially putting empty calories into your body. There are no vitamins, no minerals, no nutrients.

It’s pure sugar. This means that it has no actual benefits for your body apart from providing an energy source – an energy source that sputters out after 30 minutes that is.

This is not ideal when trying to get lean as once that energy source fails, you’ll be in search of more food.

Sugar And Calories

Moving along, the next issue with too much sugar in your diet plan is that it’s full of empty calories.  The calories found in sugar are going to add up very quickly as it is so energy dense.

In one chocolate bar for example, you can easily be looking at 300-400 calories. This is the same amount as you’d get in a 4 oz. grilled chicken breast, ½ cup of brown rice, and 2 cups of steamed vegetables.

Which meal do you think would satisfy you better?

The choice should be clear.  When aiming to lose weight, you must be sustaining a lower calorie intake over the course of the day and this is virtually impossible to do when you’re taking in too much sugar.

Sugar And Insulin

The final reason to avoid sugar when the goal is weight loss is because sugar will cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, meaning you will then be in primary fat storage mode.

Whenever insulin is increased in the blood stream, it’s role will be to take up any excess sugar in your system and move it into storage. The body maintains tight regulation of blood glucose levels as too much or too little in the blood stream can get very dangerous, very quickly.

As soon as that glucose is removed however, that’s when you will suffer from a blood glucose crash, leaving you starving for more food.

It’s an ongoing cycle that’s hard to get out of and will definitely lead to weight gain over time.

So there you have the primary points to know about why sugar is such a bad thing to include in your diet plan.  One hidden source of sugar that most people don’t even realize they’re taking in is with their supplementation products. That’s why using a sugar-free product, such as Amazon Thunder is so critical. Make sure that you read the label of any product you use so you aren’t taking in any hidden sugars without realizing it. 

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