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Why it is Important to Check Food Labels When Buying

Be a wise and informed shopper in knowing how to read and understand what is contained in the food labels of the products you are buying.

When we aim to observe a cleaner and healthier living as it comes to food choices, the first step we should do is to check on food labels. Food labels also contain the essential information about the food we buy. The importance of reading nutrition labels is for us to enjoy it fully and without risk.

Reading Food Labels for Healthy Living

Healthy foods, are first and foremost, real and whole. But not all the time we can get a fresh serving of the food we want, especially when it is a seasonal variety. A trip to the grocery for something canned or packed is a good alternative. Checking on the ingredients found on the food label will help us assess if we are getting the closest possible substitute to the real one.

Food labels should define the ingredients and other health information comprehensively about the food we are buying. The importance of reading product labels is that helps us to exactly know what we intake, which consequently enable us to make healthier choices. It also gives information about portion sizes, allergic components, calories and vitamin and mineral content. When we are serious about our health, it can help us keep track of our target and veer away from the ingredients we are avoiding.

How to Understand Food Labels

  1. By nature, the ingredients listed on food labels are mentioned in the order of quantity. When searching for the closest whole food counterpart, make sure that the main ingredient is listed first.
  2. Any sensible shopper should know this rule of thumb: if are having a hard time pronouncing or understanding an ingredient, do not buy it. Most likely, it is a chemical add-on.
  3. Beware of the alternative words used to describe "sugar". They are anhydrous dextrose, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrates, brown sugar, cane sugar, molasses, fructose, glucose, maltose, etc. Food manufacturers are clever people, and some of them will try to trick consumers into buying by loading up on unrecognizable terms.
  4. Same with sugar, the salt name can also be tricky and can hide under different terminologies such as sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate or sodium nitrate. Salts are commonly found in preserved and canned meats. Excessive salt intake is dangerous as it can cause hypertension and kidney problems.
  5. Transfats is also an ingredient that we must be aware of. Excessive amounts can expose us to heart diseases and high cholesterol.

Labels in Food Supplements

When it comes to promoting wellness, food supplements are starting to become part of the essentials, especially when it is increasingly difficult to achieve a balanced diet in this "fast food" society we are in. Food supplements intend to compensate for our small nutrient intake. Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop is among the popular plant-based food supplements in the market today. The importance of product label is to ensure safety and positive results. Make sure you read "organic", "natural", "no added preservatives" on the label.

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