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Why “Fair Trade”?

When it comes to consumable goods, few “buzz words” pack more of a punch than “fair trade”. A lot of people might be familiar with this concept in relation to coffee – there are many, many brands of coffee out there that loudly exclaim that their ingredients are “free trade”, for example, and that you should support the product partly because of this. But what exactly does “free trade” mean, and why is it important? Should you really care? At Amazon Thunder, we understand the value of fair trade ingredients – that’s why our products are comprised of 100% Fair Trade Certified ingredients!  We want to help you understand, too.


What is Fair Trade?

When it comes right down to it, fair trade is a way to help reduce poverty in certain developing nations. That’s because this particular form of trade works to build long-term relationships between suppliers and consumers – one that is established with a focus on fairly sourced and priced goods. This means that the producers – farmers, for example – are being adequately compensated for their labor and production expenses. This is often why fair trade items are sometimes seen as being more expensive than the alternative… but that extra money goes into the pockets of the people taking the time to produce the product, helping to ensure that they receive a livable wage.


Why is Fair Trade Important?

In addition to helping the people who produce the goods earn a livable wage, fair trade is important in a number of other ways. It helps promote sustainable farming, for example, which means that fair trade products tend to be part of a sustainable farming technique – a technique that helps protect animal welfare, public health, the environment, and human communities all at the same time. This particular trade technique also works to help encourage biodiversity as well as the preservation of animal and bird habitats.


In the simplest of terms, fair trade is important because it helps almost everyone. You can enjoy your fair trade products knowing that you’re helping to promote fair wages, sustainable farming, and biodiversity. Are you looking for supplements to meet your fair trade needs? Amazon Thunder’s supplements are 100% Fair Trade Certified, which means that they are comprised of fair trade ingredients. Come see what the fuss is about, and help the environment while you’re at it!