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Why Do We Need to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Every Day?

Find out why fruits and vegetables make your body healthy and are considered an important part of your everyday diet. To know more about it, read here.

At school, we are taught about the food pyramid. There are six food groups. At the bottom of the food pyramid is bread, rice, cereals, and the pasta group. The next layer contains the fruits and vegetable group. Then we have the meats and poultry group together with eggs, nuts, and dry beans. Aligned with this group, we have the dairy group that includes milk, cheese, and yogurt group. At the very top of the pyramid, we have the fats, sweets and oil group.

Prevents Diseases and Illnesses

Why is it important to eat vegetables and fruits? Fruits and vegetables help improve your immune system and keep your body organs such as your heart healthier. They contain phytochemicals, also called plant chemicals, that protect you from acquiring diseases such as stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

They contain a lot of fiber, which helps maintain the health of your bowels. You'll reduce the chances of getting diverticular disease and constipation. Consuming fruits and vegetables and exercising can reduce your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Keeps Your Weight Under Control

Fruits and vegetables have low-fat content. They are also nutritious and filling yet they contain minimal calories, so they help you lose weight. They are a good source of energy and provide you the nutrients your body needs. They also have a low sugar, sodium and fat content. It can also help you maintain a fit body and prevent obesity.

5 a Day

The World Health Organization or WHO has launched a campaign for people, especially children, to eat healthier. This health campaign is called 5 a Day. This campaign recommends us to eat five portions of any fruit or vegetable every day in every meal. Therefore, this means that for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack times, you need to have 5 portions of vegetables or fruits included. One portion is considered as a slice of fruit or an estimated 80g of food. If you don’t feel like eating, you can make a fruit or vegetable smoothie and drink it instead.

There are many health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Aside from keeping you healthy, the colors of vegetables and fruits are very appealing. Plus, did you know that every color group has a specific benefit for your body? For example, the yellow and orange vegetables and fruits such as carrots and mangoes consist of beta-carotene that is good for your eyes. If you eat red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and apples, it can contain lycopene that is great for preventing heart disease and cancer.

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables to choose from, and you always have variety in your meals. They are very easy to prepare and are a great snack. They are very fun yet delicious to eat, which makes mealtimes more enjoyable.

Fruits and vegetables are vital and should be included in your daily nutrition. The nutrients they contain can help you in becoming healthier and protect you from diseases. If you're lacking the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables, you can also try to drink Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid. It's made from Acai Berries which you'll truly love.

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