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Why Choosing Freeze-Dried Acai Berry Is Best for You

Acai berry products come in various forms, but the best choice would be the freeze-dried acai berry. Find out why it is better than fruit extracts.

Acai Berry is a super fruit that is now gaining massive popularity because of various studies backing its many health and medical benefits. A lot of people are already buying acai berry products and incorporating it into their diet hoping to gain the same advantages.

However, purchasing acai berry can be quite hard mainly because it comes in various forms. You can find freeze-dried acai berry in powder form, but there are also acai berry juices and extracts.

What should you choose between the two? Many acai berry users would say that the freeze-dried acai berry is better than extracts. Read on to find out why.

Freeze-Dried Acai vs. Juices and Extracts

While quality acai berry juice and extract might be made from organic and 100% acai fruit, there is one drawback in its production. These acai extracts miss out on the overall nutritional value that a whole acai fruit can provide. Like other fruit juices, acai extract only uses one part of the entirefruit.

On the other hand, freeze-dried acai is made from the whole acai berry itself. Aside from the acai berry pulp, it also includes the acai fruit’s skin. This way, you get the full nutritional components that an acai fruit contains.

Where Can You Get Freeze-Dried Acai?

While it is best to consume the acai berry when it’s fresh, it might be hard to find. Fresh acai fruit can only be found in the rainforests of the Amazon. Because it is highly perishable, it can’t be transported like other fruits. The next best thing you can get after the fresh acai fruit is the freeze-dried acai.

Acai berry also loses its nutritional potency quickly after it is picked from the palm tree. Therefore, any freeze-dried acai should be from the Amazon rainforest for you to make sure that they have the nutritional value you are looking for. This way, you can make sure that the fresh fruits are frozen within a few hours after they are picked to retain its value.

It means that aside from checking if the store where you want to buy acai berry product is reputable, you should also check their supplier. It must be a company that has their facilities within Brazil or as near as the Amazonian forest.

The freeze-dried acai berry can come in supplement or pill form or it might also be in powder form like the Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop in jars.

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