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Why Are You Stressed?

Everyone’s stressed out these days, it seems. Kids are stressed from homework and from trying to fit in with others, adults are stressed from work, and everyone has some issue with each other that’s adding even more stress on top of it all. Being stressed out can cause heart problems, poor sleep habits, a lack of energy, and much more. While there are things like Prozac that you can take to help you deal with the symptoms of stress, it won’t actually make the stress go away. That’s why it’s important to find the source of your stress so you can deal with it.

It May Take Time

Getting to the center of your stress may take time. However, if you don’t, you may find yourself simply getting more and more stressed out, and that can eventually lead to some major health problems. The first step in dealing with your stress is to set down and create a list of everything that’s stressing you out. You want to list everything, no matter how small it is. Think of anything that makes you upset or puts pressure on you in any way. This may include things like your children or your spouse. It’s okay to list those things.

Make Changes

Once you’ve made your list of stress inducing things, it’s time to start working through them. For some stressful items, you can simply change your lifestyle a bit. If you always feel stressed when going out with friends to a bar, for example, simply stop going. Your friends will understand, especially if your health has obviously been affected. Don’t keep doing something that’s causing you great stress if you don’t want to.

For some other things, you may need to work through some issues with other people. A licensed therapist may be able to help with this, or you might sit down and try talking out issues one on one. Don’t be confrontational or approach this thinking you’re going to fight—that can just lead to more stress. Instead, make sure you’re calm and simply state what’s causing you stress and how it’s affecting your life. In some cases, it may be easier to write the other person a letter instead of talking to them directly.

Things you Can’t Directly Control

Then there’s the issue of stress from your job and other areas that you can’t directly control. You can talk to your boss, but if they are the source of your stress, it may not do much good. You may need to think about a major lifestyle change that involves a new job or career. But don’t do this lightly—only make these types of changes if you’re sure the stress is more than you can handle and won’t get better. Don’t give up a great job just because something there is causing you stress. You may be able to work around it, or you may be able to do something like transfer to a different department. Don’t just give up!

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