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Why Acerola Is a Nice Alternative for Synthetic Beauty Products

A lot of people now go the natural way from the food they eat to the skincare products they use, and that is why acerola cherry has become popular.

Acerola cherry is one of the many fruits that contain huge amounts of antioxidants. And, you know why people take antioxidant supplements or use antioxidant-rich skincare products to have or maintain a healthy and glowing skin. The antioxidants work in blocking the free radicals from entering the body. The free radicals are the main cause of damaged cells, producing a lot of problems in your skin. It is also a great anti-aging agent that can prevent those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines.

So, now that you know acerola cherry packs quite a huge amount of antioxidants, you’ll know it’s a perfect natural alternative to the synthetic beauty products you are buying.

Beauty Benefits of Acerola Cherry

Here are the best reasons why acerola cherry should be your next beloved beauty product.

  1. It Protects the Skin.

Acerola cherry protects the skin from any chemical stressors including allergens, pollutants, and cigarette smoke. It can also speed up the healing of your skin from burns and wounds.

  1. It Has Anti-aging Properties.

This fruit contains fair amounts of bioflavonoids, which help delay the signs of aging, fighting against fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles.

  1. It’s a Natural Astringent.

Acerola is a natural astringent and can alleviate blemishes on your skin.

How to Use Acerola Cherry for Beauty

Dreaming of a supple, younger looking skin that can make you look half of your age? There are simple ways that acerola cherry can give you that.

  1. Eat It.

If you happen to find fresh acerola fruits, eat it. That is by far the easiest way to experience the fruit’s many beauty benefits. However, finding some fresh acerola cherries might prove to be a lot of hard work though.

  1. Drink It.

If there aren’t any fresh acerola in sight, you could always just get them in powdered form. You can easily purchase them in capsule form and take it as a health supplement.

  1. Make a Natural Face Mask.

If you want to apply acerola directly to your face and get the firsthand experience of what it can do for your skin, you can always mix its powdered form with water to pass as a face mask.

Aside from high levels of antioxidants, acerola cherry also contains fair amounts of vitamin C that help boost your body’s collagen production, and that’s why acerola is even great for your skin. Taking supplements such as Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules can be your next skincare regimen.

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