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What You Wish You Know Before Using a Hemorrhoid Cream

A hemorrhoid cream is one of your treatment options for this condition. It is used mostly to provide relief of the common symptoms. However, its effect or the symptoms it can relieve depend on what ingredients compose the products you are using. Take a look at the common ingredients you will find in a cream and what can these do.

How Exactly Will Your Hemorrhoid Cream Help?

Analgesic. This leaves you with a cooling sensation so you can find temporary relief from all the pain and itching. This component is usually found in menthol.

Moisturizer. To prevent the itching caused by your condition, this ingredient works by hydrating your skin. This is most helpful when you also have to deal with dryness or dry skin. An example of this ingredient is glycerin.

Anesthetic. This will give temporary numbness of the affected area. This in turn brings you relief from the burning sensation, itching and pain.

Astringent. This works by cooling and calming the area so you do not have to deal with the pain and itching. One of the most popular and must have ingredients in your hemorrhoid cream to get this benefit is the witch hazel.

Steroidal. This works by reducing inflammation. 

Making Your Hemorrhoid Cream Work Like a Pro

To start, know that your creams should not be used for more than a week because this can lead to undesirable side effects.

Creams may not work if you do not combine it with a healthy diet. 

Sit comfortably. To increase the relief you will get from the products or medications you will use, favor sitting on padded chairs. You can also substitute this by placing a pillow on your chair. It will also help to wear more cotton underwear to prevent or lessen irritation.

Consume less meat. This does not contain fiber that helps with your condition. You may want to have more fruits, vegetables, beans and grains in your plate instead. 

These tips can work to your advantage but there are still some considerations. Diagnosis, dosage and most effective treatment are still best achieved with the help of a medical professional. Before you use any type of hemorrhoid cream, get in touch with your doctor first. 

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