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What You Wish You Know About Hairy Cell Leukemia

Hairy cell leukemia is a rare type of cancer that grows slowly in your blood. This happens when your bone marrow creates too much B cells or lymphocytes, these are typically the white blood cells used that fight infections. Too many of these cells leads to less production of the normal and healthy white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells. Though this condition is found to affect more men, what else heightens your risks?

What Makes You More Prone To Hairy Cell Leukemia?

Doctors cannot specify a single source or root cause of this condition but here are some of the possible causes that place you at risk.

Errors in your DNA. DNA mutations can make your bone marrow to produce excessive and abnormal white blood cells. Researches have not yet revealed what causes these mutations.

Sawdust exposure. Some studies reveal that those with work occupations that require them to be exposed to wood and sawdust have increased risks.

Chemical exposure. Research suggests that exposure to agricultural and industrial chemicals make you more prone.

Radiation exposure. You have higher risks if your work requires exposure to X-ray machines or in previous treatments for cancer like radiation therapy.

Hairy Cell Leukemia Symptoms And Diagnosis

There are some cases where you may have the condition but no symptoms will show up. It will only be revealed when you undergo some blood tests. However, here are some of the common signs that are linked to this cancer.

Loss of weight
Recurrent infection
Bruising easily
Discomfort due to the feeling of fullness in the abdomen even if you only ate a little        

You should consider setting an appointment with your doctor if these symptoms show up or start becoming persistent. When you go to your doc, you may be required to undergo a physical exam and a series of blood tests to determine your blood count and blood cell levels. You may also be required to undergo a bone marrow biopsy where a sample needs to be taken from your hip area. Another diagnostic exam that may be recommended is the computerized tomography (CT) scan used to identify if there are enlargements in your lymph nodes and spleen.

Coping With Hairy Cell Leukemia

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