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What You Should Know About Stress Fracture and Natural Remedies

What is stress fracture? A disorder happens when you suffer from tiny cracks in your bones due to the repetitive pressure or force application. Sometimes it also happens to people who have overused a particular part of their body, and that may include activities such as jumping up and down as well as running for long distances. This usually happens to athletes and sports individuals that suffer from weakened bones, a condition that is worsen by osteoporosis.

Usually, the fracture occurs in body parts including the foot and the legs, and commonly runners and track and field athletes are at high risk. In addition, you may be at a higher risk if you have been new to an exercise program that your body is not used to.

What Can Be Symptoms Of Stress Fracture?

Take note of several symptoms telling that you might be suffering from this type of fracture in your bones. You may be feeling recurrent pain, swelling and tension in your muscles. You can also feel tenderness in specific body parts. In addition, you can also take note of the increased swelling when you do too much physical activity.

On the other hand, you may also feel a decreased in swelling when you take a rest. You can also feel an onset of the pain when you do successive exercise. If your condition is getting worse, you may feel continued pain. At first, stress fracture may be hardly recognizable, so when you notice pain, you should pay attention to it. You should also do correct self-care and seek possible treatment to avoid your condition from getting worst.

When your symptoms persist even when you’re taking a rest, you should see your doctor. Usually, this type of fracture can happen when you increase the pressure that your legs and feet used to handle. It may cause the imbalance between bone growth and resorption.

If you apply too much pressure or trauma to your bones than what they normally handle and you don’t give them enough time to heal or recover, you may reserve these cells at a faster rate than the time you could actually replace all of them. In time, you will develop bone fatigue, which later on become fractured due to stress.

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