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What You Need To Know About The Orac Score

What You Need To Know About The Orac Score

If you’re on the market to purchase a supplement of any variety, one thing that you’ll definitely want to be keeping in mind at all times is something called the Orac score.

When many people shop for supplements to use as they aim to reach their end goals, their primary motives are reading the claims that the supplement gives and trying to best match the claim to their stated goals at that time.

This can lead to significant problems however because you must remember the fact that any company can make claims – they know what you want to hear so it’s easy to sway you in the direction towards purchasing their product.

But, can they back up their claims? How do you really know if their product is going to be a wise one to use?

That’s where knowing their Orac score comes in so helpful.

Let’s have a quick look at what this means and what you must know about it.

What Is The Orac Score?

The Orac score stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and essentially assesses the antioxidant content of any particular substance.  If a food or supplement is ranking high on their ORAC score, this means that particular substance contains a very good dose of antioxidants and will be working very well to help combat free radical damage in the body, reducing the impacts of oxidation.

When oxidation takes place, this can increase the process of aging, put you at risk for a number of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes, and just cause you to feel all around run-down and weaker than normal.

So as you can imagine, consuming foods and products that rank in high in their Orac score will be absolutely essential if you are going to experience the most optimal health state possible.

We come into contact with free radicals on a daily basis through the various environmental toxins that impact us along with the various foods that we consume that don’t exactly have health in mind.

In addition to that, some electronic appliances can even emit free radicals, setting us up for potential oxidation.

Food Variety

It’s important to know that not all foods will contain the same ORAC score so even though you may be getting your five to ten a day, this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily meet the daily requirements of about 5000 units per day, which is the amount recommended by experts to have very beneficial effects on your body.

Assessing Supplements As Well

Furthermore, you must always look at any supplements you’re taking for their ORAC score as well. Just like with foods, not all supplements are created equally.

If a particular antioxidant based supplement has a very low ORAC score, you’ll want to think twice about using this as it will essentially be a waste of your money.


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