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What You Need to Do on How to Lower Your Cholesterol

How to lower your cholesterol? Dieting alone cannot do the trick. You may need a combination of powerful strategies to make things work and keep your cholesterol from soaring high.

Tips On How To Lower Your Cholesterol

Set your realistic targets. Knowing that your levels are high is not enough. You should also consult your doctor as to what is the normal level that you should achieve so you can regulate it to appropriate levels.

Should you take medications? This depends on your doctor and the recommendations. Some may prescribe an intake of drugs that can lower the cholesterol levels. 

Move and keep moving. Get out of the couch and get ready for regular physical activity. Moderate exercise like brisk walking can also help raise the levels of your good cholesterol and help on how to lower your cholesterol.

No more smoking. Smoking gets you more prone to heart disease and different forms of cancers and illnesses. Quitting may help cut down your risks.

Hello fish! Fish and oil made from it can bring omega 3 fatty acids that can lower the cholesterol. Aim to eat this about 2 to 3 times in a week so you can get health benefits. If you plan to take fish oil supplements, talk first with your doctor.

No more saturated fat. Cutting back your intake of foods with this unhealthy fat can help on how to lower your cholesterol. You should start eating more smart fat by substituting your usual margarine, vegetable oil, lard or butter with olive and canola oils.

Drink healthy. Green tea instead of sugary beverages and sodas can reduce your cholesterol. 

Try these tips and see how your cholesterol is faring. Is your strategy working? It may also be a good move to discuss your condition with your doctor so he can help determine the best foods to eat or recommend you to a nutritionist who can help. Stop slacking and be active in your plan on how to lower your cholesterol.

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