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What To Know About High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

There are a number of medical concerns faced by a pregnant woman, knowing that pregnancy is a different situation where one has to take care of another life within her. Among the most common risks that most pregnant women could experience is the hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy is a big threat because a woman is carrying a baby inside her womb and that would make it harder for her to deal with the difficulties when emergency arises. 

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy: The Basics 

It is very important to know what causes a pregnant woman’s blood pressure to elevate, whether she already experiences this medical condition normally before pregnancy or not. Either way, one of the best things to do when dealing with hypertension is to know what is a high blood pressure reading. The two numbers in the reading of the sphygmomanometer represent the systolic blood pressure (top) or the extent of the heart muscle’s contraction, and the diastolic blood pressure (bottom) or the condition of the heart muscle during relaxation state. Moreover, high blood pressure is determined when the high blood pressure reading shows 140/90 or higher. One should consult the doctor right away once this condition is identified, even though no symptoms occur yet. 

What Causes High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy 

The causes of having high blood pressure could vary from one pregnant woman to another. There are some who are sufferers of chronic hypertension before pregnancy while there are some who experience preeclampsia or the development of high blood pressure as a side effect of pregnancy. 

Mostly, chronic hypertension is likely to occur for people living a sedentary lifestyle and those who enjoy eating excessive sugar-rich and oily foods. Those who are often stressed and sleep deprived are highly vulnerable to high blood pressure as well. If you wonder what does high blood pressure feel like, just imagine the feeling of drowning or being exhausted in a very crowded and smelly place. 

Things To Do To Treat High Blood Pressure 

Obviously, you can start treating high blood pressure by turning away from a sedentary lifestyle and pursuing regular physical fitness routines and a healthy diet. It would be best to eat foods that lower high blood pressure such as milk, spinach, banana, beans, potato, and dark chocolate. Most of all, take time to visit your doctor and see to it that you follow his recommendations. 

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