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What to Do If Diabetes Runs In Your Family

If diabetes runs in your family, there’s a good chance that you may be diagnosed with it at some point in your life. It may happen fairly soon, or it may happen years from now. If your family also tends to be overweight, then chances are, it’s going to hit your sooner rather than later. But if you take the appropriate precautions, you can prevent it. Even if you’ve been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, you can still turn your life around.

The first thing you’ll need to do is take a good, hard look at your diet. Eating poorly is very possibly what put you in the situation you’re in, so you’re going to want to cut out as many junk foods as you can. Cut back on your sugar, since that’s what can truly make this disease explode. Cut out sodas, or at least change to drinking diet soda. Limit the amount of candy and desserts you have—you don’t have to cut them out completely (that’s really hard and often backfires), but do cut back and save them for special occasions. 

You also need to make certain you exercise regularly. Exercising helps the body function more effectively, which includes how it produces and uses insulin. Many people who are pre-diabetic or diabetic are overweight, which makes the condition much worse. That’s why it’s important to do your best to keep your weight under control. A good amount of exercise, even if it’s just walking every other day for about 30 minutes, will do wonders for your condition.


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