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What To Do About Eye Inflammation

If you’ve had an eye get inflamed, you know how much it can affect your daily routine.  If it’s swollen up too much, you may not even be able to see out of it!  Inflamed eyes can be a sign of something even worse, too, and if you don’t deal with it quickly, you could even lose your eyesight in that eye.  Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to help battle this inflammation.


What is Uveitis?


Sometimes, you have more than just an inflammation around the eye.  Sometimes, you have uveitis, which is the inflammation of the iritis.  This part of the eye includes the iris, the choroid, and the ciliary body.  It can be caused by infection, damage to the eye, or one of a number of autoimmune disorders.  If you have uveitis, you may experience inflammation, pain, a sensitivity to light, and blurry vision.


Treating uveitis is a little more difficult than treating other types of inflammation.  Normally, your doctor will give you some eye drops and may put you on an oral medication.  You may also need an injection near the eye or even an intravenous medication.  Treatment can last anywhere from a week to several years—it depends on how severe the inflammation is.


Of course, if you’re dealing with inflammation that’s not as serious as uveitis, you may simply grab some anti-inflammatory medications.  But how long can you take those without dealing with side effects?  Fortunately, there are some other options out there.

Natural Supplements

One of the best natural supplements on the market today is the Organic and Kosher Certified Pure Acai Berry Pulp Puree.  This liquid contains a huge amount of antioxidants that will battle free radicals.  These free radicals can cause a number of health issues.  Destroying them is vital to your health, which is why many people reach for things that are high in antioxidants. 

Research also shows that the acai berry also helps to improve the blood flow to the damaged areas of your body, including the eyes.  It increases proteins in the infected area and supports the immune system as well as reducing infections. It works in ensuring that blood will move efficiently to the cell walls when inflammation occurs and to suppress and heal the injury.

It also contains a huge amount of different vitamins and minerals.  For example you can get a huge amount of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 essential acids from the acai. 

Give the Acai a Try

There’s no good reason not to try the acai berry.  It’s a purely natural supplement, so there are no side effects or harmful effects from artificial ingredients.

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