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What Makes Graviola Great? Pt. 2

Hey, welcome back! Today we’re going to continue our discussion about the graviola fruit. In the first part of our series, we learned about how the graviola fruit might be used to help individuals suffering from depression or anxiety. In fact, the graviola fruit has been a staple in ancient medicinal treatments throughout the East, and has been documented to help with a great number of conditions. Everything from skin conditions to the aforementioned mental issues has been treated by graviola, and there are plenty of testimonials from individuals who have been significantly helped by adding the fruit to their diet. Today we’re going to talk about graviola and cancer.


Graviola and Cancer

There has been much discussion lately regarding graviola and its potential effects on cancer. Some people have even gone so far as to say that graviola can cure the disease altogether. We’re more comfortable simply pointing out its potential benefits, however, which we feel is the most responsible approach – especially given that there are few clinical studies in humans using the graviola fruit.


Despite that, laboratory studies have found that the graviola fruit does in fact seem to affect certain types of cancer. In fact, the fruit has been shown to even kill types of breast and liver cancers, particularly those that resist regular chemotherapy drugs. This is an exciting development that might even lead to a breakthrough in how cancer is treated! For right now, however, there just isn’t enough complete research into how graviola works in human trials to promote the fruit as a “cancer cure”. We’d advise you to be very careful should you run across anyone saying otherwise, too, especially if they’re attempting to sell you a supplement.


The truth is that it’s like the graviola fruit can help inhibit certain types of cancer growth. Adding it to your diet certainly doesn’t hurt, at the very least, and at the best it might even help reduce cancerous cells and help prevent new ones from forming. Even in addition to its potential effects on cancer, however, graviola has a wide variety of uses that make it a great choice for a daily supplement.


Stay tuned for the rest of our series, where we’ll go into even more detail about the graviola fruit and how it can help you stay healthy! Until then, remember to take a look at our products page if you’re curious about starting a graviola supplement.