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What Makes Coconut Oil Great?

In today’s society, we have a lot of options. We have so many options, in fact, that it can be difficult to make decisions about what is best for our health. This kind of decision is made even harder by the numerous products with claims that sound too good to be true. When we’re faced with these kinds of difficulties, it’s only natural that we are hesitant about foods that claim to have all sorts of benefits. When it comes to coconut oil, however, many of those claims are actually true. In this new series from Amazon Thunder, we’re going to look at the various reasons you should consider adding coconut oil to your day. Let’s start with a quick introduction!

What is coconut oil?

This might sound like a trick question, but don’t be so quick to judge! Many people are confused when people reference “coconut oil” because coconut oil, at room temperature, solidifies and doesn’t much like an oil at all. Coconut oil is a clear oil from the coconut that, as aforementioned, solidifies to a cloudy state but “melts” very easily and clearly. Don’t be confused if you see a jar of coconut oil that’s heavy and off-white in color!

How do you use coconut oil?

Coconut oil is used for a wide variety of things. In fact, you eat coconut oil as well as apply it to your body, your face, your hair, and your nails to help keep them healthy. Perhaps one of the most common uses for coconut oil is as a moisturizer and deep conditioner. The great thing about coconut oil is that you don’t need any special processes or tools to use it. All you have to do is rub the oil on your skin or on your hair. You can also ingest it raw, although there are certainly tastier ways to take it.

Over the next few blog posts, we’re going to discuss why adding coconut oil to your routine might be a great idea. We’ll look at the different ways to use it and the benefits it has when used in a wide variety of ways. Stay tuned for our next installment later this week!