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What Makes Brisk Walking an Excellent Workout?

Brisk walking is already a part of our daily life. We just need to perform it for longer periods to reap its maximum benefits to our health

For those who are not a fan of hitting the crowded gym and fitness studios, here is the good news: Walking helps us live life longer. Physical activity does not have to be intense or complicated because a simple exercise such as walking is already beneficial to our overall health. Every step we take is essential.

Here are some health benefits of brisk walking.

1. Walking Helps in Weight Reduction

Walking is a form of exercise that does not require a trainer nor expensive gym memberships. Since it is already a part of life, it is easy to perform it for longer periods while enjoying the fun of talking to a buddy or solely appreciating the beauty of nature around. According to a study conducted by London School of Economics, subjects who participated in regular walking exercises for almost an hour had lower Body Mass Indexes compared to those who performed other types of exercises.

2. Walking Improves Heart Health

Regular brisk walking strengthens the heart and helps control or decrease blood pressure levels. This reduces the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. In a Harvard study exploring the effects of walking to cardiovascular health, it was found that female nurses who walked at least 180 minutes weekly have 35% less risk of having a heart attack and cardiac death.

3. Walking Improves Mental Health

Physical activity is good for the mind and body. Specifically, walking is beneficial in improving our memory. According to experts, daily brisk walks can delay dementia by slowing down the reduction of brain size. In the study, elderly men and women who walked three times every week showed an increase in the size of brain parts that are responsible for memory and planning.

4. Walking Helps Prevent and Control Diabetes

To those who have high blood sugar, physical activity can be a lifeguard. According to Dr. JoAnn Manson, a professor of Harvard Medical School, walking aids in diabetes prevention and helps stop complications. Thirty minutes of brisk walking can already decrease diabetes risk by 30% as concluded by Harvard Nurses’ Health Study. In addition, walking helps fight obesity which is another factor that contributes to Diabetes.

In general, brisk walking is good for our health. We may not notice it somehow but this type of exercise can already save us from numerous lifestyle diseases. Aside from that, brisk walking is a fun and inexpensive way of living healthily. A thirty minute of being active can already burn around 150 to 200 calories.

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