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What is the Acai Berry?

Have you ever wondered why the Amazonian natives are so healthy and have a positive well-being? The secret lies in the acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry, which is a tiny, round and blackish violet berry. It looks similar to a grape, but is smaller and darker. It also has a large seed and less skin than a grape.

Acai is widely used in energy drinks, ice cream, energy bars with granola, and now it’s available in an organic, pure form from Amazon Thunder. Our açai is the most versatile and absorbable form available. In order to obtain a nutritious acai product, the most significant component is in ensuring the quickness in the time within the harvest and the processing. The acai is very rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant substance that helps to fight cholesterol and destroy free radicals. Have you ever heard that drinking a glass of red wine daily is good for the heart? That's because of the anthocyanins in the grape. It's not coincidental that the color of the acai berry is similar to the color of red wine, although the acai berry has 33 times more anthocyanins than the grape.

In addition to being considered one of the “richest foods in iron” the acai is also rich in fiber which makes it strongly recommended for the elderly and/or for natives with problems in the digestive organs. For its microbiological characteristics, the acai is considered one of the most nutritious fruits in the Amazon, and possibly in the world!

Content per 100 grams of acai

Content per 100 grams of acai




45.90 g




16.90 g


0.40 mg


58.0 mg


11.80 mg

Vitamin B1

0.36 mg

Vitamin B2

0.01 mg


9.0 mg

Vitamin C






The acai is a caloric drink (due to the high lipase tenor), with high fiber tenor, anthocyanin and other micro-nutrients. Therefore, it can be considered one of the most nutritional fruits from Amazon.

Each year, the agricultural food industry researches sources of natural colorants. Among these, anthocyanins are of particular interest due to the large range of colors that they have (orange, red, blue) and their very important nutritional properties. In effect, anthocyanins are pigments belonging to the flavonoid group and have very high antioxidant levels.

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