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What Is ‘Quality Assurance International’?

When you’re looking to add some supplements to your diet, it’s important to be careful about the decisions you make. Not all supplements are created equally! To be even more specific, not all supplement manufacturers are created equally. Some of them might make bold claims about their products, for example, but the scary truth is that sometimes, supplements can be a relatively unregulated market. That’s why you have to be smart in you choices and look for any kind of trustworthy certification you can before making a purchase. At Amazon Thunder, for example, our supplements are certified 100% organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Not sure what that means? Keep on reading!


What does “organic” mean?

Before we jump into the QAI, let’s take a moment to briefly discuss what it means when something is certified organic. In general, something that is produced organically is something that was produced or grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, irradiation, synthetic food additives (flavor or dyes), and genetically modified seeds. Organic products take the potentially unhealthy “additives” that are often added for the convenience of mass farming out of the equation, leaving you with a more “natural” product. This is especially important if you are sensitive to artificial flavoring or synthetic pesticides.


Quality Assurance International

When it comes to ensuring that something has been produced organically in reality and not just in claims, there are a number of agencies that have popped up over the years. One of the most prominent and well-respected is Quality Assurance International, an organic certifying agency accredited by the FDA. The agency was founded in 1989 in California, and has been working to uphold the standards put into place to ensure the quality of organic produce and other products by the FDA for almost three decades.


What does the QAI inspect?

In its quest to ensure that produce is high quality and evaluate its claims of being organic, the QAI inspects the production and growing process at almost every level. This includes soil, processing plants, post-harvest facilities, and even the retail store where the item is to be sold. This is all done to ensure that when you see products with the QAI seal of approval, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the best, purest quality produce available.