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What Is Nutrient Timing and What Are Its Advantages?

If you are working out and you are having a hard time achieving your goal despite your workout regimen, you should consider making a nutrient timing plan.

Nutrient timing is a common term for athletes and body builders, but for ordinary people who are just starting to work out, this word can be hard to understand. It is important to know what nutrient timing is because it is beneficial, particularly if you want to maximize your body’s response to exercise.

The Science Behind Popular Nutrient Timing Strategy

To better grasp the concept, you should know the nutrient timing basics before you delve into the complicated concepts. Let’s start by learning what this strategy is all about.

This approach is the intentional modification of your macronutrient intake which will result in better workout performance and enhanced health. This concept is based on how the body responds and handles various kinds of food at different times.

One vital principle of nutrient timing states that the ideal time to eat most of the veggie and non-fruit carbohydrates are during or after a workout.

The Different Benefits Associated With Nutrient Timing

Below are the advantages that you can get when you create and follow a nutrient timing plan:

  • Enhanced overall health with the consumption of sufficient nutrients which helps improve the condition of the immune system and prevent the development of any infection
  • Faster workout recovery period so you can easily prepare and get ready for your next training session or practice with well-fueled muscles
  • Improved performance in sports since you can optimize your fuel, which means you remain energized the entire time you are training

Creating a nutrient timing plan is vital because if you eat the wrong food, this could sabotage the time and effort you spent in the gym. By timing your intake of the right food, you’ll see faster results.

Other Influences Affecting Workout Efficiency

Knowing and practicing the nutrient timing basics is not enough to get an efficient workout result. You also need to look into these two factors:

  • Calorie balance
  • Macronutrient amount

Nutrient timing will be more effective when you also consider calorie balance and your macronutrient intake. This means that you have to ensure that your caloric intake is in the right range for your objectives. You also need to make sure that you are consuming enough protein, carbohydrates, and even fat.

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