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What is Kosher Certification

The Orthodox Union (OU) symbol on products indicates that the product is kosher certified and is therefore being independently monitored by the staff of the Orthodox Union's Kashruth Division. This symbol can be recognized by consumers as a sign that their products meet the strictest standards of kosher.


When a company wants their products to become kosher certified, a partnership results between the OU and the manufacturer.  In this case, a contract must be drawn and agreed to so the products can meet kosher standards.  Contracts are specific for each company and are designed to fit the specific needs of each company.  Within each contract are two schedules, A and B.  Schedule A contains a list of approved ingredients that can be used in manufacturing facilities.  Non-kosher certified raw materials can be approved for use as long as they do not affect or compromise the kosher status of the products to be certified.  Schedule B comprises a list of completed certified brands and products.  Once a contract has been drawn and an application for certification is filled out and approved, facilities are then reviewed by a Senior Field Representative.  Upon successful completion of this review, the OU’s designated Rabbinic inspector will review all compliance reports and issue kosher certification.  At this point, products may now be produced under kosher certification.


Over 10 million Americans buy kosher certified products because of the extra quality control steps taken.  Amazon Thunder products are of the highest quality and do not contain any sugar, fillers, multidextrin or water.



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