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What Is Graviola and What Can It Do for You?

There is a new craze going around in the medical industry, as studies have shown graviola to be a possible cure for cancer. Now, a lot of people are asking just what is graviola? Well here is a little background. 

Graviola is more commonly known as the soursop fruit or the Guyabano in tropical countries. Soursop is an evergreen tree that originated from Cuba, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the northern part of South America. Some parts of Africa, the Pacific and Southeast Asia also produce this fruit. 

What Graviola Does for the Body

Now, after that background, you might still be asking what is graviola doing good for your body. Well, generally it contains vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2, so it is pretty great for the immune system.  Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Side Effects of Graviola

Now, if you already know what is graviola doing good to your body, you should also know the ill effects that it can possibly give you. Some studies show that the fruit contains alkaloids that may be the cause of degeneration and neural dysfunction. Both can lead to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Research has also suggested that there is a connection between the not so typical forms of Parkinson’s disease and the consumption of graviola. According to the study, this is because of the high concentration content of annonacin found in the seeds of the fruit. Annonacin is a compound and a neurotoxin that has been associated with diseases that are neurodegenerative. 

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