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What Is Cystic Fibrosis?

Many people have heard of cystic fibrosis, but few people really understand exactly what this horrible disease is. Cystic fibrosis is passed on genetically—it’s inherited from parents who may or may not show any symptoms of the disease. This disease is incurable, but there are more and more treatments being developed to help people deal with the issue.

What cystic fibrosis does is cause the mucus produced by the body to become sticky and thicker than normal. In fact, it’s almost like glue. This mucus then builds up in the body, mostly in the pancreas and the lungs. It can lead to breathing issues and eventually lung disease. People with cystic fibrosis may also have issues with digestion, nutrition, development, and growth. Another symptom can be too much salt in the sweat, which leads to a lack of salt and an imbalance in a number of bodily functions.

Usually, a person is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, although the disease may not be found until a person is an adult. It is life-threatening, but it’s also differs from person to person. Some may have very mild symptoms, while others may have major issues.

While there is no cure, it is possible to battle cystic fibrosis. Several decades ago, early death was common, but now, many people are living much longer. Those who have problem breathing may need to have their airways drained and cleaned. This can often be done simply by lying down in a certain position and then coughing out the mucus. Some inhaled drugs like albuterol can help, too.

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