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What As An A1C Test?

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If you are a diabetic or if your doctor suspects you may be, you have probably had an A1C test.
This is a type of blood test that determines a person’s blood sugar over a three-month period. The higher it is, the more out of control the disease is. People who have an A1C over a 6 or so may need to change their diet or go on medication.

Handling A High A1C

If your number is creeping up there, there are a few things you can do to help lower it. You don’t, however, need to really freak out unless it’s much higher than a 6. Yes, your doctor may be very concerned, but unless you’re over an 8, you can do a lot to reverse diabetes. You do, however, have to commit to it.

Change your Diet

One of the biggest things you can do is to cut back on sugary foods. Cut out soda (switch to diet or, better yet, drink something healthier) and don’t eat as many snacks. Candy, ice cream, cookies, and other treats with sugar in them will all cause your A1C to skyrocket. You can still have these things, you just need to look for those that are sweetened with natural sugar substitutes.

Another dietary change you can make is to cut back on the carbs. These foods also cause a spike in blood sugar levels, so don’t eat as much bread, potatoes, etc. Again, you can still have these foods, just try to limit how many carbs you have in a day. Most people stick to the 1 carb for every 10 calories rule, but that’s not always right for everyone. Remember that the body does need carbs to function, so don’t try to eliminate every single carb from your diet.


You also need to start exercising more. Exercising helps the body function more effectively, which includes how it produces and uses insulin. Many people who are pre-diabetic or diabetic are overweight, which makes the condition much worse. That’s why it’s important to do your best to keep your weight under control. A good amount of exercise, even if it’s just walking every other day for about 30 minutes, will do wonders for your condition.


Changing your lifestyle is preferable to taking medication. That’s because many different diabetes medications have side effects, and most people want to avoid that. If you’re already in an advanced stage of diabetes, you will probably have to begin taking insulin. Nothing can really stop that, but it’s possible to reduce the amount of insulin you need to take by changing your lifestyle and your meals. Some people have even been able to go from using insulin to being completely able to produce the required amount of the substance naturally again, although this is fairly rare.