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What Causes Hemorrhoids?

The best way to combat the condition is to know what causes hemorrhoids. You should not just assume but also strive to know the facts. Go beyond simply following the doctor’s orders by knowing the real reasons why you have this ailment.

The Truth Behind What Causes Hemorrhoids

Bowel habits such as the following can increase this pressure and aid in hemorrhoid development.

Increasing pressure due to diarrhea or persistent constipation. The pressure is in the veins of your anal canal.

Rushing or hurrying to complete your bowel movement. The pressure is in your rectal veins.

Other factors that can also lead to their development include:

Excess weight or being overweight. This increases the pressure on your pelvic veins.

Pregnancy and labor. During pregnancy, pressure increases on your blood vessels as your baby continues to grow. During labor, the intense pressure on your anal area is caused by pushing or the delivery of your baby.

Medical conditions such as liver and heart disease. This can lead the blood to pool in your pelvic and abdomen area.

What Causes Hemorrhoids and Symptoms Exhibited According To Type

Signs that you are suffering from internal hemorrhoids include rectal bleeding, pain, itching, skin irritation and discomfort. If the hemorrhoids are external, you will see a hard and painful lump under your skin. Rectal pain may also take place due to the pooling of blood. You may also encounter straining to pass your stool that causes the streaks of blood in your tissue paper.

Preventing What Causes Hemorrhoids

Excess weight. 

Medical conditions. 

Avoiding constipation. Change your diet so it will have more fluids, whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. 

Practice these easy ways until your condition becomes manageable. The truth is, the more that you know about the causes, the easier it is for you to prevent or deal with the condition. Be aware of what causes hemorrhoids and this will surely pay off in your overall management strategy. 

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