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What Causes Cysts

Before you find out what causes cysts, you should first have an understanding of what it really is. To start, know that a cyst is like a capsule or sac filled with gaseous, liquid or semi-solid material. It can form on your skin or inside your body. Some are cancerous but most are not. What pushes these to develop?

What Causes Cysts To Form?

An impact injury that broke a vessel



Genetic condition

Duct blockage in your body which in turn causes a build up of fluid


Chronic inflammatory conditions


Cell defect

Organ problem of a developing embryo

What Causes Cysts And Where These Usually Develop

There are many reasons why you have cysts, which may also affect on what body part they start to develop. They can grow on any part of your body. However, here are the areas where most cysts appear.

Kidneys. The most common that appear in this body part are called the solitary cysts. They look like pouches filled with fluid and do not typically have symptoms. Genetics can increase your risks of having this.

Skin. When developed underneath your skin, these are called the sebaceous and epidermoid cysts. The sebaceous cyst develops inside your glands while the epidermoid forms in when the cells of your surface skins move deeper and multiply. These appear whitish yellow or flesh colored yet with a smooth surface. 

Vagina and cervix. Cysts develop when your cervix is obstructed. In the vagina, the Bartholin gland may become swollen and turn into a cyst when it accumulates infections or secretions.

Wrists. The ganglion cysts appear soft or rubbery and are usually results of a minor injury that caused an accumulation of excessive fluid.

Breasts and ovaries. This is usually due to an abnormal ovarian follicle that did not release the egg. If this happens, the cyst may just disappear after 2-3 months. 

Can You Prevent What Causes Cysts?

Experts say that preventing cysts from developing may not be possible. Most are not preventable but if you can, you can only do it by preventing the underlying cause from triggering its formation. You also need to focus on your health and immune system to make these stronger. You may need to modify your diet and change it into a balanced one. This may also call for squeezing in some regular exercise in your schedule.

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