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What Can You Do About High Cholesterol?

Many people understand the dangers of high cholesterol. After all, millions of people around the world die every year from heart attacks caused by high cholesterol. While some of these deaths are due to people simply not taking care of themselves, others are not due to negligence—they’re due to people not knowing that they have high cholesterol. It can be difficult to know when you have this issue, and it’s often discovered while looking for other problems. Many people who have been diagnosed are very hesitant to start taking major medication. They have heard about the side effects these medications can have on the kidneys and the liver. Some also simply don’t know how to handle high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do besides medications.

Change your Diet

There are some foods that are very high in cholesterol that you should simply cut out of your diet. You can look on the package and see just how much they contain. But there are some foods you can eat that actually help lower your cholesterol. Beans, for example, are rich in fiber and soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol. A cup of beans daily can lower your cholesterol by ten percent in just about six weeks. Add butter, black, pinto, kidney, chickpea or navy beans on your plate and eat about five times weekly.

There are many different nuts that can be great for a snack, including cashews, almonds and walnuts. These have magnesium, vitamin E, and copper, all of which are good for the heart. To keep servings healthy, have a handful a few times weekly or about or a couple of tablespoons five times a week.

Instead of a high fat food or a sodium rich condiment, replace these with avocado that has the power combination of mono-unsaturated fats and beta-sitosterol to lower cholesterol. Garlic is flavorful and a provider of natural protection against infection, plus it can also prevent clotting and high blood cholesterol.

Salmon is a good fish. A famous source of omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and lowering cholesterol, substitute your meat meals with salmon, mackerel, sardines, white albacore tuna, herring, rainbow trout, and anchovies.

Finally, don’t overdo it, but eating about an ounce of dark chocolate a day will help your cholesterol. This will help increase your good cholesterol and prevent your bad cholesterol so this will not oxidize.


Exercise does so much more than just lower your cholesterol, too. Exercising can improve your heart, your lungs, your muscles, your digestion, and much more. It will help prevent a number of diseases and can help reduce the symptoms of illnesses you’re currently struggling with. You don’t even have to exercise a lot—just walking for 30 minutes every other day is beneficial.


Finally, you also need to remember to get enough rest. Your body can’t repair itself if you’re not taking the time to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough, your body is going to be unable to build back up its energy. You’ll be tired and, worse, your immune system and other bodily functions will be sluggish. This can lead to getting sick more often in addition to other issues.

You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola supplement may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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