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What are the Real Benefits of Eating Kosher?

The benefits of eating kosher are based on three aspects - the amount of food you eat, food preparation, and types of food included and excluded.

Kosher food has become a trend when it comes to eating healthy. But is there any truth to this? How much do we know about kosher food?

Kosher food is not in a similar category as Italian, Mexican, American, or French food. It is also not blessed by a rabbi or deemed as holy as some might perceive. Kosher foods are food that are grown, prepared, processed, and inspected with the standards approved by the Jewish.

The benefits of eating kosher are based on three aspects – the amount of food you eat, food preparation, and types of food included and excluded to follow the kosher standards.

Amount of Food You Eat

According to kosher laws, the amount of food we eat should have limits. Some people do not mind the amount of food they eat. This may be out of stress eating or as a reward for the self. With this, people would have the tendency to eat more fat, salt, and sugar.

These three food components have negative effects on our health. Eating too much of these can increase the risk of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, or heart diseases.

In limiting the amount of food you eat based on Jewish laws, the consumption of fat, salt, and sugar is also lessened. As such, this can also lessen the risk of developing diseases.

Food Preparation

Also, in kosher laws, combining meat and dairy in a meal is not allowed. That's right; you would have to say goodbye to cheeseburger and pizza. With this guideline alone, you will need to stay away from fast food.

Furthermore, the combination of meat and dairy is difficult for the body to metabolize. Because of this, the fats, salt, and sugar from what you eat can stay longer in our body. This can result in an imbalance in our system which may cause health problems in the long run. 

Inclusion and Exclusion of Some Types of Foods

The kosher diet laws prohibit, restrict, or allows certain food. For example, kosher laws state that pork, meat from rodents, and bird or preys should not be eaten, so much so to not ingest the toxins and allergens that might be present in these types of meats.

Fruits and vegetables should be free from insects. They should also be unprocessed. Because of this, kosher laws scrutinize their food under strict inspection standards.

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