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What are the Nutritional Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruits?

Freeze-dried fruits are as healthy as the fresh ones. Freeze drying process takes away moisture and retains most of the nutritional value of the fruits.

Don’t you wish there’s a way for you to enjoy fruits any time, all the time? But you cannot take them anywhere so you can munch on some fruits even when you are on the go, or can you? In fact, you absolutely can. You won’t need to bring a pack of fresh strawberries or bananas just for you to have a healthy snack. Freeze-dried fruits are more convenient, and they are delicious too.

Freeze-dried fruits are similar to dried fruits with a crispy texture. However, their most important difference is the nutritional benefits of freeze-dried fruits.

What are Freeze-dried Fruits?

Freeze-drying food is a process of dehydrating foods developed to make food transport and consumption more convenient. This process can also extend the shelf life of some foods. As with fruits, all the moisture is removed from the fresh ones. What’s left is a crispy and sweet dried fruit but still packed with nutrients.

Why are Freeze-dried Fruits Healthy?

 Freeze-dried fruits retain much of the goodness of the fresh fruits. Only the moisture is taken out. Hence, according to a study, freeze-dried berries keep 90% of their anthocyanin content. Anthocyanin is a potent antioxidant that helps the body to fight “free radicals.” 

Additionally, freeze-drying retains the fiber content of fruits. Fiber aids the body’s digestion and helps flush out wastes. It also helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body. Enough consumption of fiber-rich foods can help lower the risks of certain diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

As compared to fresh fruits, freeze-dried fruits have similar amounts of nutrients. Some nutrients may have been lost in the freeze-drying process but increasing your intake can still allow you to reach the required nutritional intake.

Furthermore, freeze-dried fruits retain their natural sugar content so they do not need to be infused with added sugar. Because of this, snacking on freeze-dried fruits while you are on the go is guilt-free and can satisfy your sweet tooth naturally. 

Overall, freeze-dried fruits are equally healthy alternatives to that of fresh ones. Most of the natural goodness of fresh fruits are retained when undergoing the freeze-drying process. You can add them to your cereals, yogurt, or snack on them as is. Freeze-dried fruits are healthy and delicious additions to your diet.  

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