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What Are the Dangerous Effects of Synthetic Vitamins?

Majority of the supplements sold in the market today are synthetic. Although cheaper, risks are not absent. Here are the dangers of synthetic supplements.

We are all aware of the fact that when we are not eating healthy, this may lead to vitamin deficiency and other types of diseases. We get vitamins from having a good and varied diet, however, overused field, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides deplete a number of nutrients we get from our foods. To address this, synthetic supplements are continuously manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. But the question is: can man duplicate what is generated by nature?

Allergic Reaction

In its natural state, Vitamin C will not cause an allergic response. On the other hand, Vitamin C supplements that are created synthetically are prone to allergic reaction because the immune system may not recognize the substance. Because the artificial Vitamin C was identified as foreign, the immune system will then release chemicals to combat it thereby causing an allergic reaction. Take note, severe cases of allergies can be life-threatening.

Birth Defects

For women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, taking Synthetic Vitamin A is a no-no. This is because the artificial supplement was recognized to be linked with birth defects. In a research published by New England Journal of Medicine in 1995, 22, 748 pregnant women were given synthetic vitamin A but it was halted due to the serious danger of the supplement to the babies. It was reported that 400% upsurge in birth defects occurred in pregnant women who took 20,000IU daily. On the other hand, those who consumed natural sources of Vitamin A showed no increase.

Liver Toxicity

Anything that is excessive is not good. Too much supplementation of fat-soluble vitamins may lead to liver damage. This is because an excess amount of these vitamins are stored in the liver. In time, it may accumulate and cause toxicity. Liver damage is reported due to overdosage of man-made Vitamin A, E, and K.


Calcium and Vitamin D both support bone health. However, synthetic Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are linked to increased risk of hypercalcemia or too much buildup of calcium in the blood. It is very dangerous because hypercalcemia may lead to abnormality in heart rhythm. In a study conducted by Dr. John Christopher Gallagher and colleagues, they found out that hypercalciuria (elevated calcium in urine) and hypercalcemia (above normal calcium level in the blood) often occurs with supplementation of Calcium and Vitamin D. Therefore, it is recommended to determine the amount of calcium in the food consumed before taking synthetic supplements.

In a nutshell, we take synthetic vitamins as a more convenient way of preventing and addressing vitamin deficiency. However, we need to be careful and be aware of the risk of taking these supplements. The good news is, there are natural supplements that are sold in the market. If you would like to know more about it, research about Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements.

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