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What Are Acerola Cherry Supplements Good For?

Acerola cherry is known to be effective in promoting health and wellness. Find out the many benefits of taking acerola cherry supplements.

Acerola cherry is famous for its countless health and wellness benefits and the easiest way to capitalize on them is to take acerola cherry supplements. The acerola cherry is a native plant in the Western Hemisphere and is called a lot of other names like Barbados cherry and West Indies cherry.

Acerola cherry contains a lot of nutrients and for that reason, it is considered to make the body disease- and illness-free. Here are some of the amazing benefits of taking acerola cherry supplements regularly.

1. It can be your Vitamin A supplement.

While acerola cherry might be a small fruit when you look at it, it has a massive amount of vitamin A that is equal to a full-sized carrot. Eating about 1 or 2 acerola cherries everyday is enough to give you the vitamin A your body needs daily.

2. It can also be your vitamin C supplement.

Aside from acerola being rich in vitamin A, it also contains a high level of vitamin C. It is the second highest fruit containing vitamin C in the world, next to camu-camu. With just 180 ml of acerola puree or juice, you can have the same vitamin C content as 14 liters of your favorite orange juice. A couple of acerola cherries everyday will help you easily fulfill your daily vitamin C intake.

3. It has a high antioxidant content.

One of the best things about acerola cherry is the fact that it is packed with your body’s much needed antioxidants. It has everything from tannins, ferulic acid, chlorogenic acid, cyanadin-3-glycoside, quercetin, and many more. All these factors are essential in preventing cellular aging and various kinds of infections.

4. It improves cardiac health.

The acerola cherry extract is essential in managing the blood pressure level to keep the cardiovascular system healthy and strong. It is also known to decrease the risk of having thrombosis, artery diseases, and atherosclerosis.

5. It helps reduce blood sugar levels.

The high antioxidant content of the acerola cherry, especially its chlorogenic acid, is extremely helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. It significantly reduces the risk of having diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia, and type-2 diabetes.

8. You can have one supplement for a variety of essential nutrients.

Taking acerola cherry supplements is taking a single supplement but with the benefits of countless of essential nutrients. It has everything your body needs from B-vitamins, protein, fatty acids, dietary fiber, lipids, minerals, and electrolytes like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and zinc.

With the many benefits of acerola cherry for your health, making Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules part of your diet can also be an excellent idea.

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