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What Antioxidant is Good for and Where to Get It

Knowing what antioxidant is good for can help the body fight against free radicals. Find out what the best food sources of antioxidant are.

There are a lot of things that most people don’t know such as how antioxidant is good for the body.

It is one of the essential nutrients that can create a significant effect on how the body or a certain system functions. Having a necessary amount of antioxidant in the body can be one powerful substance to help prevent diseases.

Find out more about how antioxidant helps the body and what foods are the best sources for it.

Reasons Why Antioxidant Is Important

One of the primary functions of antioxidants is fighting against the free radicals in the body. This is a vital role in maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases and a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

  • It benefits the skin.

A lot of reactive oxygen, especially from exposure to ultraviolet lights, can damage the cells which often causes premature aging and skin cancer. Astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and vitamin E which are common antioxidants have powerful effects in protecting the skin from harmful reactive oxygen.

  • It is excellent for boosting the immune system.

Singlet oxygen is one of the factors that can compromise one’s immune system by catalyzing the production of free radicals. Antioxidant-rich spirulina and astaxanthin are some of the best choices to protect the immune system.

  • Different antioxidants help different parts of the body.

Different types of antioxidants can be found in nature; this means that antioxidant is good for many various things as well. Beta-carotene, for one, is vital for eye health as much as lycopene is for prostate health, and flavonoids is for heart health.

Where to Get Antioxidant Naturally

While there are synthetic drugs that offer your daily consumption of antioxidant in a single capsule, there are also significant food choices if you want to consume this nutrient naturally. Food types and their antioxidant content is usually measured based on their ORAC scores or the oxygen radical absorption.

  • Dark Chocolate

Among foods that contain high antioxidant is dark chocolate which has about 20,816 ORAC score.

  • Pecans

Pecans are also a great source of antioxidant at 17,940 ORAC score.

  • Elderberries

It contains 14,697 ORAC scores.

  • Wild Blueberries

Aside from being a sweet and delectable fruit, wild blueberries also contain a lot of antioxidant at 9,621 ORAC score.

  • Artichoke

Artichoke is also among the foods you should choose if you want to fight free radicals in your body with its 9,416 ORAC score.

  • Cranberries

Among other berries, cranberries are also one of the best choices for antioxidant at 9,090 ORAC score.

These foods are great choices for antioxidant consumption. However, eating any of these everyday might still be a struggle. When this happens, taking a supplement like the Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid might be a good choice with the acai berry’s more than 100,000 ORAC score and you can get the benefits that antioxidant is good for.

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