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Useful Techniques that Are Must Try to Attain a Good Night Sleep

Is sleeping soundly at night always a struggle? Here are some effective techniques and things to consider that will make snoozing an easy task.

It is a well-known fact that sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being. For one, it improves memory and helps our brain to function effectively. Moreover, sleep is also associated with longevity and better quality of life. For that reason, lack of sleep obviously affects physical, mental and emotional health. When we do not get enough sleep, the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, stroke, diabetes, and obesity is increased.

However, there are times when going into deep slumber just seems so impossible. In an article written by David DiSalvo of Forbes, some of the most common reasons why we cannot sleep at night are the following: exercising late at night, drinking coffee and alcohol too late, lights on, warm room temperature, problem-solving, watching tv and smoking.

To manage this, here are some tips to help you sleep soundly.                                                       

Establish a Sleeping Schedule and Stick to it

Consistency is one of the keys to having a good night sleep. A regular sleep-wake timetable even at weekends, holidays and rest days can help you to be in sync with your circadian rhythm. Assess if napping can worsen your inability to sleep soundly at night. If it does, then avoid it. Sticking to a regular sleeping schedule makes you feel energized and well-rested.

Avoid Stimulants Before Bedtime

Stimulants are substances that cause alertness, attention, and concentration or basically, they improve mental performance. It is advisable to avoid these before bedtime because it increases wakefulness.   Some of its examples include caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Snooze in a Room that is Sleep-Inducing

A bedroom that is quiet, cool and dark improves sleep. Although there are people who cannot sleep when it is dark, the majority feels sleepy when the environment is dim. Exposure to light tricks our brain that it is time to wake-up already. However, when it is dark, the brain secretes the hormone melatonin which makes us feel snoozing. In addition to that, using an electric fan, a good set of pillow and mattress, and ear plugs or a soothing music are also beneficial.

Manage Stress

Problem-solving and thinking too much during the night will most likely result to sleep deficiency. For one, stress makes the brain hyperactive instead of shutting down. When the brain is in overdrive, this might leave you wide awake during the night. To manage this, redirect your thoughts. Do relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, listening to music, and meditation to clear your mind from your problems or whatever the issue that is bothering you.

In general, sleep should be given utmost importance for our body to function well. As stated, it plays a role in the improvement of our overall health and better fitness. There is a reason why our parents want us to sleep early during our younger years. Now that we have realized how important it is, why are we still taking it for granted?

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