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Understanding What is Ayurveda and its Benefits

Using Ayurveda medicine in treating health problems requires a holistic approach that focuses on the balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health which is derived from Hindu culture. This method aims at achieving optimal health and wellness by synchronizing the spirit, mind, and body. The Ayurvedic approach is not only a health care system because it also focuses on your lifestyle so various illnesses can be prevented.

The 3 Basic Principles of Ayurveda and Its Functions

The Ayurvedic way of life teaches you that everyone has a particular component which is referred as prakruti. Your prakruti will regulate your susceptibility to illnesses and it will also determine your mental, physical, and physiological personality.

1. Kapha

Kapha energy is said to regulate strength and growth. In addition, it is linked to water and earth. The parts of the body associated with Kapha are the back, chest, and torso.

2. Vata

Of all the three energies, the Vata is said to be the most powerful because it regulates the most basic functions of the body. It is also responsible for controlling breathing, blood flow, and more.

3. Pitta

Pitta energy is believed to control metabolism, hormones, and digestion; hence, it is interconnected with your appetite.

Before adopting an Ayurvedic way of life, you need to consult an Ayurvedic adviser because they are the ones who will create a treatment plan based on your unique characteristics.

Ayurveda and Its Various Benefits for Your Health

Decreases stress

One of the benefits of Ayurveda is the reduction of stress and anxiety. The most basic techniques used to treat stress and anxiety are yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and herbal treatments.

When you regularly practice yoga, the function of your autonomic nervous system is enhanced as the sympathetic activity is reduced. Hence, there is a reduction in the signs associated with stress.

Reduces Inflammation

An inflammation usually has an underlying cause which can range from minor to serious illnesses. With Ayurvedic approach, the principal cause of the symptom is also treated together with the inflammation problem.

The most common Ayurvedic treatment for inflammation is a combination of massage, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicines and herbs.

Cleanses the body

Regular internal cleansing is recommended in Ayurveda in order to maintain good health and avoid physical problems. Flushing out toxins regularly is important to keep all parts of your body in the best shape possible.

To experience the benefits of Ayurveda related to internal cleansing, you can try massage therapy and enemas. There are also certain kinds of oil that you can utilize for internal cleansing of your body.

Relieves Insomnia

To treat insomnia using Ayurveda, you need to apply coconut or jasmine oil on the soles of your feet and your scalp. You can also include chamomile tea or almond milk to your evening rituals to treat insomnia.

To boost the benefits of an Ayurvedic approach to your health, you can incorporate other methods. In addition to using Ayurvedic medicines and herbs, you can also include Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder Capsules to meet your daily needs of antioxidants.

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