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Understanding the Science behind High Blood Pressure Numbers

Did you know that you do not have to know rocket science just to read high blood pressure numbers? 

This idea has been scaring a lot of people. Some are afraid that they cannot pull off solo reading because of these numbers. This should not be the case because the readings are very easy to understand. It is even harder to know your body mass index, if you are into that kind of measurements, too. 

It Is as Easy as Systolic and Diastolic 

There are two numbers present in a blood pressure reading. One is on top of the other.  Systolic is the number of beats when the heart contracts. Diastolic, on the one hand, is the number of beats when the heart rests. To easily remember them, systolic is the upper reading while diastolic is the lower. 

You know that your systolic is still at a normal level when it does not reach 120 or higher. Meanwhile, your diastolic should not be higher than 80. Treating high blood pressure usually comes off when systolic reaches 140 or higher. 

This is the time when people start to panic and are rushed to the hospital. The risk of high blood pressure could already be at its peak when it is doubled by a 100 or higher diastolic reading. 

It Takes Several Readings Before You Are Diagnosed 

Do not be shocked when the doctor takes several high blood pressure numbers before they come up with a decision. Remember that this is way better than summing up your health condition in just one try. 

They are just trying to make sure that there are no lapses in the bodily functions. Plus, they can get a better look at the case if they will check it out several times. They will know exactly what to do for high blood pressure if you will give them the time, as well. 

You can leave the numbers to them and just return the other day, unless you are really feeling something different. 

The high blood pressure numbers are very helpful not just for the professionals. It can benefit a typical person, as well. It will not hurt if you will spend a little more time learning this method. Plus, you will never know when the effects of hypertension will strike so you better be ready with your reading skills.  

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