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Understanding How Broccoli Prevents the Development of Cancer

There are numerous benefits of eating broccoli and one of its most appealing benefits is its ability to prevent and suppress the spread of cancer.

The benefits of eating broccoli are too numerous to count. This vegetable belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family which also includes cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale, and cauliflower. This group of vegetables is packed with vitamins and minerals with just a few calories.

The Different Vitamins and Minerals in Broccoli

You get to experience numerous benefits of eating broccoli because of the various healthy elements that it contains. Aside from the vitamins and minerals, this vegetable also has carbohydrates, protein, and other healthy plant compounds.

The most abundant vitamins and minerals found in broccoli include:

- Vitamin K1 – This vitamin is essential in promoting bone health as well as for blood clotting.

- Vitamin C – This is an antioxidant which boosts the immune system and enhances skin health.

- Folate – Folate is an important mineral especially for pregnant women since it promotes normal cell function and tissue growth.

- Iron – This mineral plays a huge role in the transport of oxygen in the RBC or red blood cells.

- Potassium – This is an important mineral that helps control blood pressure and inhibits cardiovascular illnesses.

Because this vegetable has many healthy components, it is natural that there are also numerous effects of eating broccoli. Until today, researchers are still discovering more health benefits of this vegetable.

Below are some of the common positive effects of eating broccoli:

- Promotes healthy kidney and improves blood pressure

- Slows down aging and boosts immune system

- Promotes a healthy heart

How Broccoli Helps Prevent Different Types of Cancer

One of the most talked about benefit of broccoli is that it helps prevent cancer naturally. This is because of the sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Previous studies about the compound revealed that it helps in slowing the progression of cancer cells.

New studies at Oregon State University (OSU) revealed that sulforaphane helps influence a certain type of RNA which is responsible for triggering the spread of other cells.

It was thought that this non-coding RNA, also called IncRNAs, does not have any function but new evidence shows that they have control over cell biology and development. When these IncRNAs are dysregulated, they can conspire with various disease progressions, including cancer.

IncRNAs can be utilized to prevent cancer naturally and to help slow the progression of the malignant cells. Unlike chemotherapeutic drugs, the use of IncRNAs does not affect the normal and healthy cells so untoward side effects are prevented.

Researchers are now carefully looking into the dietary compound found in broccoli which can affect the IncRNAs. This could lead to different possibilities when it comes to the destruction and therapeutic control of cancer.

Studies and further research are still being conducted and a group of people were subjected to diet change, which includes the increase in their intake of broccoli. It has been identified that these people had a four-fold reduction in their ability to produce cancer cells.

Although there is still no concrete evidence that broccoli can help prevent cancer, it is wise to include this vegetable in your regular diet.

The vitamins, minerals, and other healthy compounds found in broccoli would definitely boost your health. You can also include supplements such as Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules to enhance the effect of the vegetable.

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