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Type 2 Diabetes, What Is It?

Type 2 diabetes is where the body is producing insufficient insulin or insulin is working as expected thereby effectively depriving the body's cells of food for energy. This is a very common type of diabetes far more common than type 1 diabetes where where there is no production of insulin occurring.


The reason why type 2 diabetes is more common is due to the fact that it is triggered by years of neglect in proper diet. As the body is bombarded with too much sugar and carbohydrates that later on processed as glucose, which the cells are supposed to use for energy, the body fails to compensate for this excess as it can only so much insulin, and if left unchecked a condition called insulin resistance occurs where insulin is rejected by the body.

Preventive Measures

As this disease will lead to a multi organ breakdown as the body's own immune system is attacking the organs producing insulin, it is inevitable that, if not looked into, will lead to death. Terrifying as it is, type 2 diabetes can easily be prevented with the right amount of exercise and following a healthy and balanced diet regimen. This is made even more effective by having the right dietary supplement.

Lifestyle Change

Discipline yourself with early morning exercises every day as well as coupling with a proper diet regimen along with helpful dietary changes. 

In the end, even as we have already fallen into the health deteriorating habits of commercialism and fast food consumption that leads to illnesses, it is never too late to change to healthier options.

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