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Different Natural Strategies to Help Prevent Childhood Diseases

When you treat depression with medication, you could experience side-effects, and it can be very expensive especially when it is used for a long time.

Everyone knows that yogurt is good for digestion, and it helps make your hair and skin healthy. But one new discovery about this food is that it can be used to treat depression naturally.

This creamy snack is packed with lactobacillus which is healthy bacteria found in yogurt. There are recently published scientific results that show the correlation between our gut’s health and our psychological well-being. This led to the revolutionary treatment of depression.

Recognized Statistics Regarding Depression and Its Occurrence

The majority of the affected population treat depression with medication, and according to statistics, about 40 million adults in the US are diagnosed with anxiety or depression. This condition is the most typical mental illness in the US affecting 18% of the total population.

Although there are many ways to treat depression naturally, there are still several individuals who choose to take medications, while there are even those who have not been receiving any form of treatment.

In the US alone, about $42 billion is used yearly to treat depression with medication or with other forms of management. Because of this, the condition is said to cause an economic burden to the country.

What is Depression and What are Its Different Causes?

Depression is not just a regular feeling that we commonly experience, but it is a kind of illness that affects your brain. The changes in the brain chemistry are the main contributing factors to depression.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the most debilitating disorders that one in ten men and one in five women suffer.

Although researchers have already discovered that this condition is a brain disorder, they still can’t exactly provide depression causes because there are several factors which may contribute to the onset of the condition.

Some factors which experts believe could be depression causes include stress, grief, medical illness, or substance abuse. If you experience one or a combination of the mentioned factors, it can lead to the disruption of your brain’s chemistry. This could trigger the development of depression as well as other mental problems such as bipolar disorder.

How Yogurt Consumption Helps in Treating Depression

According to a current study conducted by the University of Virginia School of Medicine, there could be a correlation between the development of depression and the levels of good bacteria in our gut.

The experts observed that the depressive behavior of mice was reversed when they were given live-cultured yogurt. Thus, they believe that it could also have the same effects on humans.

This discovery is very useful because it can significantly lower the number of people taking medications. Hence, fewer individuals can experience its side-effects.

This research is still in its early stages wherein mice were used as subjects; however, the team is looking into expanding the study and conducting it on humans, including people who are suffering from chronic conditions which are known to trigger depression.

Aside from its possible effect on depression, yogurt is known to possess various health benefits, so it is encouraged that you make it part of your regular diet to keep you healthy. You can also include Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules to your daily regime to enhance the effect of the yogurt.

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