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Top Three Reasons To Drink Tea


At Amazon Thunder, we’re all about health. We want everyone to be as healthy and happy as possible! To help achieve this goal, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to talk about some healthy eating and drinking habits you can consider picking up to help improve (or maintain) your health. Today we’re taking a look at tea. More specifically, we’re talking about beverages like fresh black tea or green tea, not your typical bottled, sugar-filled iced teas. There are a ton of great reasons to consider including tea in your diet. Read about the top three below!

Lower Your Risk of Liver Disease

A number of studies have found that drinking tea regularly can help lower your risk of liver disease and other liver-related complications. This includes things like hepatocellular carcinoma, liver cirrhosis, liver steatosis, and chronic liver disease. That’s right: simply adding tea to your diet on a regular basis can help you prevent liver disease in order to keep your liver strong and functional. This inverse relationship between tea consumption and liver disease is a fairly well-known one, but it’s always a good idea to remind people why they should consider changing their dietary habits.

Lower Your Risk of Depression

Recent research has found that drinking tea can help lower your risk of depression! That’s not to say that it can eliminate the risk completely or cure the problem if you’re already suffering with it, of course, but anything helps when it comes to feeling better and staying healthy, right? Apparently the relative risk of depression is lowered by 37 percent for every three cups’ worth of tea you drink daily. That might seem like a lot of tea – but it’s also a lot of reduction when it comes to your risk of depression.

Lower Your Risk of Stroke

When it comes to serious health issues, not much tops the risk of stroke. Almost anything to help reduce the risk is worth it – and tea can help you reduce the risk of stroke. In fact, drinking three or more cups a day has been shown to be related to as much as a 21% lower risk of stroke than those who don’t drink tea.


Are you interested in staying healthy and happy? Consider adding tea to your diet! There seem to be few, if any, risks associated with its consumption and it can really help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.