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Top Things to Know About Breast Cysts

Breast cysts are the fluid filled sacs found inside your breasts. These commonly appear in women aged 35 to 50, before they reach their menopause. However, these are also seen in women under or above these ages. You may have only one or several cysts at the same time, but these typically disappear after the menopause, especially when you are not taking any hormone therapies.

Breast Cysts And Their Typical Symptoms

These are characterized by a smooth and easily movable lump in your breast. It may be either round or oval, but its edges are distinct, which may also indicate that it is benign.

You may experience a decrease in the lump size of your breasts.

It may grow in one breast, but may affect both simultaneously.

You may experience an increase in the lump size of your breasts before your period. You may also notice tenderness in your breasts.

Before you get scared of having cancer, be aware that if you are healthy, your normal breast tissue will feel nodular or lumpy. Lumps may also appear before your menstrual period, but when these do not go away after the period, you should consider consulting your doctor. You also need to set an appointment if the breast lumps you’ve noticed seem to be growing or changing.

Possible Treatment Methods If You Have Breast Cysts

Surgery. This is only advised in unusual circumstances like when the uncomfortable cyst is recurrent or if it keeps coming back month after month. This may also be the treatment when the cyst is found to have blood-tinged fluids.

Hormone use. The recurrence of the cysts may be controlled or reduced by simply taking birth control pills or oral contraceptives that will regulate the menstrual cycle. However, this together with other forms of hormone therapies is only advised for women who experience severe symptoms.

Fine- needle aspiration. This can be used for diagnostic purposes and for treatment. The fluid in the cyst will be removed or drained.

Breast Cysts and Your Lifestyle

Modify your diet to a healthy one. You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Limit your salt intake. This may help by reducing the amount of extra fluid that your body retains.

Avoid drinks and foods with caffeine content. You may find relief from the symptoms by eliminating this.

Wear a supportive bra that fits you well. You may lessen the discomfort by having good support that surrounds your breasts.

After diagnostic examinations are conducted by the doctor and a diagnosis is made, you may be given ideas and options about different treatments. However, if the doctor finds that you only have a simple fluid filled cyst, and treatment may not be recommended. Close monitoring may just be the recommendation together with some lifestyle changes necessary in managing breast cysts.

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